María Belén Sánchez Velasco

Task 1: giving personal information.



My name is María Belén. I an 19 years olds and I am fron Cordoba. 

I am a student of ESPA. I live in Palma del Rio, at 16 saeta st.


Task 2: Talking about your home.

My name's María Belén. I live in a flat in Palma del Río. I  live next to the cementery. My flat is big and beautiful.

I have got four bedrooms,  two bathrooms,  kitchen, and a living-room a TV, table, eleven chairs, etc. I have got a  yard. and six windows.

My bedroom has got a window,  two beds,  a trunk, a bedside table, a cupboard, a coat stand, some  lamps, a laptop computer and theree bookshelves. My bedroom's wall colour is pink. My bedroom is big and beautiful.




I get up at quarter past seven and I have breakfast with cereal and milk. I start work at eight o clock in the morning. After work, I get home and I have lunch at two o clock p.m

I never take a nap after lunch. I go dancing every day. Later, I go to school at quartex to six in the afternoon.

When I finish school, I get home and I have dinner at quarter past ten p.m I like watching TV ofter dinner.