Iván Pedraza Casado

Task 1: giving personal information


 Hello! My name is Ivan. I'm 18 years old. I live in Palma del Rio, street Oliva nº10. I'm student of 1º ESPA.




Task 2: talking about your home.




My name's Ivan. I live in a house in Palma del Rio.My house is very big. In my house there are three bedrooms, two bathroom,a kitchen,a living room,a dining room and a garage.In the kitchen there is a table,some chairs,a television and a sofa.

In the living room there is a television, a sofa and a rug. In the garage there are cars.

In the bathroom there are toilet, a shower and a curtains.







I get up at seven o'clock and I have breakfast.I go to work at half past seven in the morning.After work,I get home and I have lunch at two o'clock p.m.



I never take a nap after lunch.I play the guitar every day .Later,I go to school at quarter to six in the afternoon.



When I finish school,Iget home .I have dinner at 10:00 p.m.I watch TV from 10:00p.m to12:00p.m.And I go to bed about midnight.