Enrique Jesús Martín Casado

Task 1: giving personal information.


My name is Enrique Jesús.i am twenty two years old.I am from cordoba.I am student of ESPA. I live  in  Palma del Rio  at eightty six,la jara street.



Task 2 talking about your home.


My name is Enrique. I live in a house in Palma del Rio. My house is high and confortable. Im my house,I have got two bedrooms,a batroon,a kitchen and a living room. My family and I normally have lunch in the living-room because we have chairs and a table there.There is also a sofa, a cupboard and,of course,a TV. As for my room,it has a big  desk to do my homework,a swivel chair,a bed  and a wardrobe. My room curtains are blue and my bed's cover is blue too. I love blue!