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Paqui Rivero Porras

Page history last edited by Rivero Porras, Francisca 9 years, 4 months ago

Task 1: giving personal information.


hello. my  is name  paqui.  I am 34  years  old . I am Spanish . I am a student.  I  like  seweing.


Task 2: talking about your home

Hello.   My  name is  Paqui .


  I live  in  a flat    in  Palma  del Rio.  My  flat  is  big  and  it's on  the  first    floor  of  the   buiding.    In  my   flat,  I  have  got three  bedrooms, a  bathroom  and  a  kitchen.  My family and I normally  have lunch  in  the  kitchen    because we  have chairs and  a  table   there. I  have    got  a living-room a  sofa,  curtains,  a  table,  a lamp  and some chairs. 


See    you  soon.



Task 3: My Everyday Activities


Hello, my name  is Paqui.  I  get  up at five fifteen in the morning . I have breakfast at five thirty in the morning. Next, I start work.When I finish work, I have a shower. Then, I clean my house.


In the afternoon, I go to school at a quarter to six . I finish school at a quarter to ten in the evening and then, I get home.


I sometimes have dinner early and I go to bed at eleven o'clock in the evening.




Comments (1)

Alejandro Marco said

at 8:06 pm on May 27, 2011

Muy bien la redacción sobre tus rutinas diarias, pero...
¿Has tenido alguna dificultad con la grabación de voz de la tarea 3?
Si es así, por favor, habla conmigo la semana que viene en clase.

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